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About Us

How The Interview Box © Was Created


The Interview Box© College edition was co-created by Carla Hunter, Board Certified Career Coach and National Certified Counselor and Mary Beth Ludt, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and National Certified Counselor. 

Carla Hunter, President of Career Span, Inc. with over 18 years of private practice experience. Her client base is very diverse ranging from high school students, college graduates, entry level professionals to corporate executives. From 2012, Carla created, introduced, practiced and refined the contents of The Interview Box© with her clients. Instead of practicing typical interview questions and hope for the best, Carla recognized interview success needed strategic preparation. For the next several years, Carla found this unique and strategic interview preparation has been successful in not only anticipating what to expect in the interview, but also reducing the anxiety and increasing confidence in the interview candidates. For more about Career Span, Inc. go to  

Mary Beth Ludt, LPCA, NCC, works with clients of all ages experiencing the challenges of transition, including anxiety and other emotional health concerns. 

Carla Hunter and Mary Beth Ludt have combined their experience and expertise to create The Interview Box© College Edition along with the Center for Credentialing and Education approved CEU Culture Matters: It is Time to Re-think Interview Preparation and The Interview Box©: Strategic Preparation for Interview Success. 

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The Interview Box ©: Three card decks. One methodology.

Our aim: empower jobseekers through strategic preparation for interview success using research and our Company Culture Predictive Index (CCPI) to predict the company culture.

A tool designed to help college graduates land their first job!

Determining the company culture is a critical strategy for effective interview preparation. Leadership drives culture, culture drives the interview style, and the interview style drives the questions asked during the interview experience. 

Culture is an invisible force of influence on the entire interview process. 

Determining the company culture also empowers the student to assess if the position is a right fit during the interviewing process.

The The Interview Box © is designed for highly motivated job-seekers to research, prepare and succeed in the interviewing process with a solid understanding of how company culture drives the entire interview experience. 

Contents include company culture decks and a motivational deck with inspiring quotes and tips to keep focus and maintain momentum until the offer.